Sixth Sense finalist @ TIM Big Data Challenge


The TIM Big Data Challenge is a competition focused on creating and developing innovative technological ideas in the field of Big Data. Officially opened in May 2015, the competition has involved many enthusiasts and professionals in the sector from all over the world, who have had the opportunity, over the months, to interact and face the challenge: Big Data for Competitiveness Boost: how can data contribute to the growth and competitiveness of Italy?

Many people answered this question by producing innovative concrete projects but only 10 were selected by the competition panel of judges for the final event, and Sixth Sense is among them!


Intuition@Milan – Industrial Track

The idea

Sixth Sense has developed an innovative predictive system to forecast the presence of people in different areas (telecom cells) of the city of Milan.

The predictive system is able to tell our clients how many people will be present in a given place at a given time during the next day.

We have trained a proprietary algorithm to learn different patterns of people presence according to the hour of the day, the day of the week, and other factors such as weather conditions. Once trained, the algorithm is able to produce accurate forecasts of the people’s presence over the next hours and days.

Such information is highly valuable for a number of organizations in the public and private sector. For instance, it can help a Telco to optimize traffic on its network during peak hours, tell a restaurant how many groceries & waiters will be necessary tonight, help determine which are the coolest spots in town where one should open his next shop, and even help municipalities to plan public transport, waste collection & engagement of public officers.

Our vision is to offer insights on emerging market trends through advanced analysis and visualization of data. Our mission is to make it leveraging the most up-to date technologies and extensive data sources. We are now integrating traffic and payments data, to produce even more advanced and valuable insights.