21 Marzo 2015

Intuition – Making data speak by themselves

Intuition – our suite of solutions to make data “speak by themselves”

Intuition is Sixth Sense’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables our customers to upload data on a dedicated cloud infrastructure and extract insights as model results or natural language recommendations via a dedicated Recommendations Engine.

Intuition can be tailored to satisfy customer needs in a wide range of verticals, use cases and technology platforms. Some examples include:

  • Produce recommendations to analyze time series data
  • Send marketing communications to salesforce via multiple channels
  • Drive user journeys through different sections of web pages based on profiling information
  • Automatize the creation of DEM and other customer communications
  • Run models on own data and extract results in real time

Default product configuration is on-cloud, however on premise configurations are also available to our clients.

Predictive models on demand

At Sixth Sense, we leverage the most advanced data analytics technologies and tools to extract relevant information, gain insights on emerging trends and behavioral forecasts – our team of world-class data scientist can support businesses in building bespoke predictive models that combine diverse data sources, both structured and unstructured.

Our area of expertise is primarily on advanced analytics tools and techniques (stochastic modeling, artificial intelligence) to forecast emerging trends at variable geographic and temporal scale.

Our predictive algorithms are able to forecast how many people will be present in a given day in a given area of town – looking at how many people are around early in the morning in that day and other external factors such as weather conditions (find more here).

Milan city districts                Milan presence prediction

Prediction of presences vs actual presences across the city of Milan