21 Marzo 2015

Intuition – Predictive algorithms for Big Data Insights

At Sixth Sense, we leverage the most advanced data analytics technologies and tools to extract relevant information, gain insights on emerging trends and behavioral forecasts.

Our area of expertise is primarily on advanced analytics tools and techniques (stochastic modeling, artificial intelligence) to forecast emerging trends at variable geographic and temporal scale.

Our predictive algorithms are able to forecast how many people will be present in a given day in a given area of town – looking at how many people are around early in the morning in that day and other external factors such as weather conditions (find more here).


Milan city districts                Milan presence prediction

Prediction of presences vs actual presences across the city of Milan


Other areas of expertise include:

  • The combination of multiple data sources to generate more relevant insights
  • The generation of recommendations for marketing applications based on a collaborative and content-based filtering engine
  • Automated clustering of large and diverse data sets